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Accessibility & your web site

Strictly speaking, 'accessibility' refers to making a site available to disabled users.

However, this leads to benefits for all your users as in order to make your site accessible it has to be coded according to recognised web standards.

This means that your site will be viewable / readable by the greatest number of users.

Further benefits include:

Easier site-wide design changes

External 'style-sheets' enable you to change the look and feel of your site. By making a change to one text file - you could eg change the background colour / font style / paragraph style of every page on your site.

Faster page download speeds

Pages written according to web standards use much less code than 'normal' web pages.

Increased Website Traffic

Pages are search-engine friendly.


New web technologies incorporate existing web standards.

Reduced cost of maintenance

'Style-sheets' allow sites to be updated quickly and easily.

Reduced dependency on any one developer

Sites built according to web standards are easily understood if you decide to change your web developer.

For an in-depth description read The Business Benefits of Web Standards| 

Does it cost extra?

No. Building an accessible site is not an add-on but rather a method of construction.

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For more information about accessibility features on this site please visit the Site help| page.

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